Eruptions Form Fresh Crust in Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

New video released by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) shows fresh crust forming in one of the craters of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii on January 8, as its west vents erupted lava.

According to the USGS, footage filmed on January 8 shows “crustal foundering,” or breakdown of the crust, “and resurfacing at the lava lake in Halema’uma’u, in the summit of Kilauea.” The Halemaumau Crater is part of the larger Kilauea caldera and has a depth of 643 feet, according to the USGS.

On Twitter, the USGS said the crust over Halemaumau is thinnest near the vents, at only a few millimeters thick. “The crust at the cooling-down eastern end of the lake is probably getting close to 10 cm (6ish inches),” USGS said. “But … we aren’t going down there with a tape measure!” Credit: USGS Volcanoes via Storyful