ES Views Letter of the Day: Brexit is not what we wanted

This is it: Theresa May has formally triggered Article 50 to take the UK out of the EU

Significantly less than half the electorate voted to Leave in the EU referendum, which was decided by a very narrow margin.

Theresa May, whose mandate as Prime Minister derives solely from her fellow Conservative MPs, nonetheless interprets this as the will of the people for a hard Brexit. Parliament cravenly acquiesces. So much for representative democracy.

May’s calls for national unity might ring rather hollow for those who think we already have a good deal with the EU and believe we are now being taken on a journey we didn’t ask for by people we didn’t vote for.
Andrew Smith

The UK is collaborative but ultimately independent at heart, more so than any other EU nation by the looks of things. Despite the howls from a tyrannical minority of Remainers, we are leaving and we’ll be picking up our democracy at the door, where Blair and co dumped it on their way in.
K Knox