ES Views Letter of the Day: Corbyn should be tougher on Abbott

Gaffe zone: Diane Abbott's stumbling media appearances put more pressure on Labour

As she is a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, one might expect shadow home secretary Diane Abbott to be treated with some leniency over her car-crash radio interview on LBC, but it undermines the work the Labour Party has been putting in to recapture its credibility.

Corbyn did not publicly criticise her despite a series of mistakes. It is good he is nice and honest but a leader must be firm when necessary.

It seems that Labour cannot escape its own problems even when the Tories are struggling — and the blame must be placed at Corbyn’s feet.
Alan Bould

I am not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn but why is Theresa May afraid to hold a TV debate with him?

In a democracy, voters are entitled to have a clear idea of what each party leader stands for. Yet May seems reluctant to engage with them. Her address to a selected audience of Tory party members last week is a prime example of this.
Valerie Crews

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