ES Views Letter of the Day: Don’t complain about new flats

Under threat: Christian Candy want to demolish Duke's Lodge and build 24 apartments

I was incensed to read that the likes David and Victoria Beckham and Queen guitarist Brian May object to new flats being proposed in their neighbourhood [“Holland Park locals fear ‘Third World conditions’ if flats go up”, March 13].

Are these not the same people who grandstand with calls for free movement of people and unrestricted immigration?

It comes down to basics — to accommodate everyone moving to Britain, more housing simply has to be built.
Lillian Uche-Farrow

While I have sympathy for residents of Holland Park and the potential disruption caused by developer Christian Candy’s plan to build more flats, to say they would be reduced to living in “Third World conditions” is ludicrous.

There are millions of people in the Third World — not to mention Syria and Iraq — who live in conditions that can only be described as atrocious.
Wyn Davies

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