ES Views Letter of the Day: Ehiogu’s death is a sad day for football

A life cut short: former England defender Ugo Ehiogu died after suffering cardiac arrest

It was tragic to hear of the sudden death of Ugo Ehiogu, the former England defender and more recently Spurs’ Under-23s coach.

Ehiogu was only 44 and a hugely respected member of the football community, winning four caps and playing for Aston Villa and Middlesbrough. He helped a number of youngsters at Spurs develop and their own tributes say how important his help was.

It is rare to hear of players suffering from cardiac arrests. With such attention given to head injuries, I certainly feel that more should be done to monitor the hearts of footballers and staff members.

The awful news of Ehiogu’s passing should serve as a reminder to us all that life is short and we must enjoy it to the maximum. I doubt many would argue that he did anything but that.
Richard Matthews

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