ES Views Letter of the Day: Farron is not fit to lead the Lib-Dems

Uncertainty: Tim Farron hesitated to say whether he thinks gay sex "is a sin"

Lib-Dem leader Tim Farron has faced two straightforward decisions this week and yet his hesitation has made me question whether he is suitable to lead the party.

Of course Farron is entitled to certain religious beliefs. But he was asked four times in an interview on Channel 4 whether he thought gay sex “was a sin” and each time dodged the question, before finally revealing his thoughts some time after. The delay made me question whether his answer reflected his beliefs or not.

Likewise, when it came to punishing David Ward’s anti-Semitic comments, Farron merely said he “did not select candidates”. Only once the public displayed its outrage did he sack Ward.

There is a difference between proactive and reactive leadership — and Farron falls into the latter category. He might gain the support of Remain voters in the election but he must become more decisive if he is to limit the Tories’ power.
Graham Bright

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