ES Views Letter of the Day: Labour let us down over Livingstone

Staying on: Ken Livingstone will remain in the Labour Party following his hearing

It is inexplicable that Labour has decided against permanently expelling Ken Livingstone for his comments on Hitler and Zionism.

It sends the message that this kind of behaviour is acceptable in the party when the opposite should be true. I wouldn’t be surprised if this led to a mass exodus of Labour members — and who could blame them for leaving?
Jonathan Williams

Ken Livingstone has reiterated that he said nothing offensive against Jews. I think even a child could understand that taking the most painful period in the Jewish history and pointing out that some of those people did a “deal” is unnecessary and spiteful.

Coupled with him insulting a Jew by comparing him to a Nazi officer it does not take a genius to know that this is anti-Semitism in all its ugliness.
Frances Canning

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