ES Views Letter of the Day: Rotterdam, a great LGBT triumph

Groundbreaker: Anna Martine Freeman in the Olivier Award-winning Rotterdam

Transgender-themed play Rotterdam winning an Olivier Award is a big step forward for the acceptance of LGBT narratives in the mainstream arts. To have played the central character in a show that has been so well received has been an inspiring experience for me.

As Londoners we are fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderfully diverse queer community but there is still a long way to go before LGBT themes become the norm.

Next month we take Rotterdam to New York, where I hope the play will have the same impact as it has had here. There couldn’t be a better time to take a play about gender identity and sexuality to the US, given that LGBT rights and laws are being threatened there.

We are starting to see more LGBT characters on our screens. However, we need more storylines that include LGBT characters who don’t just play out their identities — they just simply exist and get on with it.
Anna Martine Freeman, actor, Rotterdam

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