ES Views Letter of the Day: SNP paints false picture of Scotland

Round two: Nicola Sturgeon has called for another Scottish independence referendum

I am a Scot living in Scotland and working in London. My experience of life under the Scottish nationalists isn’t blinkered by tartan-tinted glasses like L Scott [Letters, March 6].

It’s not all civic, joyous and progressive politics — regardless of the picture Nicola Sturgeon and SNP MPs in Westminster like to portray. On the contrary, we unionists are threatened for standing up for the Britain we believe in.

My wife begged me to desist from speaking out, but I feel it is important to make a stand against nationalism, just like my grandparents’ generation did.

The sooner people wake up to what nationalism really is, the better.
G Fox

By offering second referendum on Scottish independence, Nicola Sturgeon is showing Theresa May what it means to be a democratic leader.

Now that Brexit has altered the circumstances, Scotland can make their choice again. So why can’t we?
David Willis

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