ES Views Letter of the Day: Is tech moving in the right direction?

Hands-free: Nissan demostrated a driverless car prototype in London this month

Anthony Hilton lampoons the view that disruptive technological change will eventually create new work for everybody and that the market will sort things out [“We must look ahead at a new economy for Britain to pay its way”, Comment, March 9].

He has perfectly described my own view on all technological change. I did not know that I was a neo-liberal and I thank him for that information. Yet I am not sure what his less liberal alternative is: a ban on new technology, perhaps, or a five-year plan to cope with its effects?

I nevertheless think some people are too worried about driverless cars. Such vehicles can go nowhere until the road safety authorities approve software solutions for what happens when they have the legal right of way but other road users try to cut them up.

Driverless vehicles may be going nowhere very fast even then. Our urban roads have no room for a “steam gives way to sail” regime.
Andy Thompson

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