ES Views Letter of the Day: Tim Pigott-Smith will be so missed

True gentleman: Tim Pigott-Smith, who died last week aged 70, got an OBE this year

I would like to pay tribute to Tim Pigott-Smith, who died suddenly on Friday a few days before he was due to open in Death of a Salesman in Northampton.

I knew Tim through my late partner, Michael Joyce, a theatre director and drama teacher. When Michael was seriously ill, Tim gave him his last job directing him in Julius Caesar.

Michael died in 1994 and Tim organised a memorial service in the hospital chapel. A few months later, he organised a larger memorial service at Lamda, the drama school where Michael sometimes taught.

When we invited Tim and his wife Pam to various parties he was often unable to attend but always sent a gift. We had many phone conversations and exchanged emails and he has never been too busy to talk.

Tim and I came from vastly different worlds and could not be described as close friends. Nevertheless, I will always regard him as one of the kindest people I’ve known.
Keverne Weston

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