ES Views: Was Theresa May right to call for a general election?

The election will take place on June 8 - but was Theresa May right to call for one?: REUTERS

Much can be made of Theresa May’s questionable U-turns on Brexit and now on calling an early general election, but her disingenuousness is far more obvious when she claims that the country is united behind Brexit when Westminster is divided. In fact, the reverse is true.

The country is split down the middle, with most people in business, finance, science, entrepreneurship and academia against leaving the EU while MPs, putting their careers above the national interest, meekly unite behind a hard Brexit that will bring disaster to Britain.
Simon Allison

Regardless of what Theresa May said in her statement, it is a fair guess that one of her aims in announcing a general election is to smash Labour.

She is driving a coach and horses through the spirit of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, which was a badly needed measure to stop this kind of opportunistic political behaviour, which the UK had suffered from for many years.

What the country doesn’t need is another five years of being governed by the Tories, but rather a centre-Left united front which could reappraise the need for Brexit.
Andrew McLuskey

Why is the Prime Minister calling an election when her party already has a majority in parliament? Only a few days ago May castigated the SNP for calling for another independence referendum. Now she is calling for a snap election. How will this help solve the Brexit mess?
Wahid Khan

Is it too far-fetched to assume that the Liberal Democrats could steal victory in the general election from under the noses of the Tories?

It was reported by the party that within an hour of Theresa May’s announcement more than 1,000 new members had signed up. Given that the Lib-Dems’ stance is pro-Remain, there is every chance that a sizeable chunk of “the 48 per cent” could back them in the election.
Michael Parkin

On March 20 Theresa May’s spokesperson categorically denied there would be a snap election this year, insisting 2020 would be the right time. Just a month later and her tune has changed dramatically. Can we trust her to lead us into the most important period of our recent history?
Georgia Jones

I hope the young Remainers, and those who didn’t bother to vote in the EU referendum because they thought Remain would win, turn out to vote in the general election. This our last chance to avert the disaster of Brexit, and we must take it.
Terry Fesenko

Houses should be treated as homes

Simon Jenkins absolutely nailed it with his article [“If we keep building towers, empty London will be a grim reality”, Comment, April 12]. It used to be that people regarded their property as a home to live in — the fact that it would hold its value over time was seen as a side benefit.

It is absurd, for instance, that a house attracts less inheritance tax than savings, thus further reducing the housing supply by encouraging people to tie up their money in static property. It is this type of thinking that needs to be addressed by the Government and local authorities.
Paul Thomas

Communities can help stop violence

The recent rise in youth violence undoubtedly requires urgent action but there will be little progress in this ongoing struggle if community members do not help.

As a teenager, I ran with a group involved in violent confrontations. Fortunately, with the help of positive people around me and my time at university, my behaviour improved.

Every week I meet Londoners who make a difference to the lives of young people at risk but their efforts go unrecognised. Let’s create a city where all children can recognise their true potential.
Rashid Nix, Green Party BME equalities spokesperson

Air travel is not the way it is used to be

My wife and I paid an extra £901 each to travel premium economy to South Africa with British Airways. On the return flight one of us had to be downgraded because the plane was overbooked. We spent the 11-hour flight separated and did not receive an apology or our money back, though we were offered a £100 e-voucher as a final settlement.

I couldn’t even get my seat belt to secure me properly but in the end I took off, flew and landed without restraint.

This is the reality of what airlines are like these days.
Peter Middleton

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Do more to stop capital's litterbugs

The Government is to be congratulated on its national litter strategy but most people do nothing to help the litter problem, which costs the UK nearly £1 billion a year.

Londoners seem to walk on by when they see someone improperly disposing of litter — we must challenge litter louts. Whether by buying a litter picker or collecting discarded wrappers off the street, we should be doing everything we can to keep our city clean.
Lester May

While walking between St Pancras and Marylebone stations along Euston Road last week I passed an unmanned newspaper distribution stall. The papers on the stand were blowing off one by one down Euston Road, causing a considerable amount of litter.

I had just returned from a week in Germany and had noticed how clean the streets are in Dresden and Aachen.

I wonder what German visitors think about the state of our capital city when they come here?
Adrian Greenwood

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Premier League title race is far from over

I was bemused to see a below par Chelsea side succumb to a 2-0 defeat to Manchester United on Sunday. It was a most uncharacteristic performance from a team which has this season fought for every ball, closed down games with professionalism and struck fear into opponents with their exciting counter-attacking play.

Even manager Antonio Conte, renowned for his passion and determination, appeared to be subdued and nowhere near his usually frantic self.

Chelsea may still be in control of the title race but I think for the first time the players doubted whether they could get the job done, with Spurs in superb form. It is great for English football — and in particular London — that two of the capital’s top clubs are fighting it out. As a neutral, I really hope it goes to the final day.
J D Morris

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