Escape to the Country's Alistair Appleton reveals he 'felt like a fraud' on show

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We adore watching Alistair Appleton present the popular daytime show Escape to the Country, but the TV personality has previously revealed that it took him some time to get over his feelings of imposter syndrome in his early career.

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Chatting to Fantastic Man magazine about landing the gig in 2007, he said: "For a long time, I felt like a complete fraud presenting all these shows and not even being a homeowner."

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He also opened up about his favourite thing about the show, explaining: "The thing I love about Escape is that, yes, it’s a show about properties, and yes, it’s a show about the countryside. But it’s actually a show about desire.

"It’s weird how our desires work. Particularly for British people, connected to homes and the countryside, it’s astonishing how similar people’s dreams are. They’re shared and are actually shaped – the medium is the message – by this show that people come on.

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Alistair presents Escape to the Country

"They don’t come on a show called 'Escape to the City' with dreams of a loft apartment. I’m very interested, since I’ve trained as a psychotherapist, as to what the mismatch is between what you think you want and what you actually want."

He spoke about training to become a psychotherapist back in 2012, telling Hampshire Life: "I loved that work so much that I started to get a bit disenchanted with all the crazy schedules of TV filming and I decided five years ago to re-train as a psychotherapist.

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