Escaped Miniature Horse Escorted Home by Police in New Jersey

A miniature horse in northern New Jersey got a police escort home after she escaped from her stable on December 9, local media reported.

Footage by Conklintown Farms shows mini horse Bambi being led on a mile-long walk home by an officer from the Ringwood Police Department.

According to, farm owner Jeanine Estrada received a text to tell her the two-year-old horse may have escaped.

“We put her in the stable because it was raining, so I guess she didn’t like it. I think she just jumped the gate,” Estrada told

Police offered to walk Bambi back on a leash after the little horse refused to get into a car. Estrada followed behind and captured the footage.

“We made a little parade out of it,” Estrada said in the same report. “The Ringwood police were wonderful. They are the best police in the state.” Credit: Conklintown Farms via Storyful