Escaped ram finds its way back home after chasing cyclist in rural Canada

Footage from Thunder Bay, Canada, has captured the bizarre moment a man cycling on a rural road was chased by an escaped ram. Keith Ailey, an art teacher by profession, was cycling on the rural road to avoid traffic when the incident occurred on March 12. Keith noticed the ram crossing the street in front of him and pause on the other side. As he rode past, the ram turned and chased after him in a full-on run. Unsure whether the ram was happy to see him or angry, Keith maintained a safe distance. He eventually managed to flag down a truck traveling in the opposite direction which distracted the ram and ended the pursuit just before an intersection. After posting the video online, Keith discovered that the ram’s name was Ozzy and that he had escaped from a local farm. A week later Keith visited the farm to check in on Ozzy and discovered that he was in fact happy to see him!