ESPN host Tony Reali gave a powerful speech about grief after the death of his infant son

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Tony Reali ESPN Around the Horn

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  • Long-time ESPN host Tony Reali made his return to "Around the Horn" on Monday, after his infant son passed away. 
  • The Realis were expecting twins, but lost their son Amadeo right before childbirth. The other baby, Enzo, recently came home healthy, he said on Twitter.
  • On "Around The Horn," Reali made a powerful statement about the universal nature of grief, and the importance of being open and accepting of one's feelings.
  • He also spared some thoughts for the children and parents who have been separated from each other at the U.S. border. 

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Today we welcomed @tonyreali back to the show! In FaceTime he shared his feelings about his recent loss, his recent addition, and how he's getting through it all.


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