All the Essential Details (and Some Spoilers) on 'Bachelorette' Contestant Marcus Shoberg

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All the Essential Details on Marcus 🌹Instagram

Things I'm obsessed with in July 2024: Brat summer, trying to find a friend with a pool, attempting to bribe someone into giving me their Sabrina Carpenter tour tickets, and watching The Bachelorette on Mondays.

Much like cheese, Jenn Tran's season is completely addictive, and we already have our eye on several contestants as either (a) clear winner material, or (b) clear future Bachelor material. Which brings us to 31-year-old Marcus Shoberg. Here's everything you need to know about Marcus—and, if you scroll past the gif, a buncha spoilers on exactly how far he makes it.

He's a Veteran Who Served Six Appointments

Marcus is an Army Ranger Veteran and Harvard student (casual). "I enlisted and left for training two weeks after I graduated from high school," Marcus said in his Bachelorette intro. "I did six appointments and I'm like super proud to have been an Army Ranger, but the last mission I ever went on I almost didn't come back from."

"Me and my team were called on to go clear through this compound, and in that exchange a grenade came and everything goes black. And I woke up in a hospital in Washington, D.C. and that was like day one of the next two months of my life," he continued. "But when you can genuinely appreciate that you woke up in the morning and you have breath in your lungs, that's a beautiful thing, and I'd never have been able to appreciate those types of things without that experience."

He Hasn't Been in a Relationship for 5 Years

Marcus—who's from Raleigh, North Carolina—says it's been 5 years since he's dated but he's ready to "open himself back up to being in a relationship and the possibility of love."

According to ABC's bio writer (prayers up), he's looking for a "kind, honest, humble woman" and "wants to start a life with someone who shares his core values." He's also very much "ready to settle down and start a family with his perfect match."

His Hobbies, You Ask?

That'd be rock climbing with friends, grilling on a Saturday night, and binge watching New Girl. He also wants to be an astronaut one day and his favorite flower is the edelweiss because it’s a symbol of dedication." I' love?

'Kay, so now that we've established that Marcus is a catch and will almost definitely be The Bachelor if he doesn't win this thing, let's get to exactly how far he makes it. Spoilers after the gif!

He's in Jenn's Final Two

Buuuut he doesn't win. According to long-time Bachelor and Bachelorette spoiler source Reality Steve, Jenn's finale was filmed on May 16 in Hawaii and Marcus was her runner up. Her winner, you ask? Devin Strader, who she's currently engaged to.

On a positive note: unless there's some major drama we're unaware of, the chances of Marcus being named Bachelor after being broken up with by Jenn seem sky-high. Excited to see what unfolds!

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