Essential Nietzsche knowhow

Photograph: Time & Life Pictures/Getty

Bill Bradbury (Letters, 10 February) has my sympathy. Nietzsche probably isn’t a subject of everyday conversation for many of us, but then I don’t suppose Stefan Collini was thinking of him in that way either. As it happens, the quotation Mr Bradbury uses – “There are no facts, only interpretations” – is a good illustration of why a little learning of “the Nietzsche everyone knows” can be a dangerous thing. If anyone would like to know what Nietzsche was thinking about (and against) when he came up with that formulation, read Rüdiger Bittner’s edition of Writings from the Late Notebooks (page 139).
David Midgley

• In the unlikely event that Keith Flett does not put Guy Meredith right (Letters, 13 February): Nietzsche didn’t have a beard but a moustache, albeit one of astounding proportions.
Paul Jenkinson
Zollikon, Switzerland

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