Essex service station near Stansted Airport ranked as one best in Britain

Birchanger Green was voted as one of the worst motorway services in Britain
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An Essex service station near Stansted Airport has been ranked as one of the best in the UK. Birchanger Green is based near junction eight of the M11, right next to the airport on the A120.

A study was carried out by Moneybarn Car Finance which analysed several factors, including the volume of parking spaces, restaurants, shops, EV chargers, petrol and diesel prices and Tripadvisor reviews, to determine the UK’s best service stations.

Birchanger Green was ranked as the UK’s third-best service station. The service area has 340 parking spaces, 12 eateries and three shops. It’s also a great place to charge your electric vehicle, with 34 rapid chargers and an average electric charger price of 57p per kWh. It even has shower and laundry facilities.

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Venues at the services, which is operated by Welcome Break, include Burger King, KFC, Pret A Manger, Krispie Kremes, Pizza Express, Subway and a Starbucks drive-thru, among others. Birchanger Green has an overall score of 6.78, compared to the top-ranking service station's score of 7.58.

Coming in first place is Hopwood Park, just south of Birmingham on the M42. This service station has 460 parking spaces, where the average price of electric vehicle charging is £0.52 per kWh. Petrol and diesel costs 140.2p and 148.26p on average per litre, respectively. Hopwood Park also has 2 shops and 13 eateries, with Burger King, Chopstix Noodle Bar, and KFC among them.

Sheffield’s Woodall southbound ranks as the UK’s second-best service station. Woodall has 18 rapid chargers for electric vehicles, and the average price for petrol and diesel cars is 139.4p and 148.07p per litre Woodall also has 12 eateries, including Burger King, KFC, and Chopstix Noodle Bar. This Yorkshire-based service station sits between junctions 30 and 31 and is open 24 hours, with free shower facilities and a pet-friendly outdoor area.