The Essex underground station that was built to serve the world's biggest council estate

Becontree station
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The Tube is an essential part of life for commuters and locals, with it seeing some of its stations swamped with tens of millions of passengers each year. There's even tubes that branch out into Essex, while some others are in areas that historically were in the county of Essex, but was later gobbled up by London - despite people in these areas still considering themselves as being from Essex.

Tubes after often very busy and hectic, with thousands using them each day. However, a lesser-known station in Dagenham, despite being situated in the world's largest council estate, only attracts a fraction of this footfall annually.

The Becontree Estate, tucked away in Dagenham, East London, was built in the 1920s and 30s and is home to around 26,000 properties spread over four square miles.

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Becontree Underground station serves the estate, seeing roughly 3.5 million passengers each year who board District line trains travelling from Upminster in the East to Wimbledon, Richmond and Ealing Broadway in the West, reports MyLondon.

Situated in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, the estate is known for having some of the city's most affordable homes. However, residents are feeling the squeeze due to rising costs.

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In 2022, MyLondon visited the estate and locals expressed their affection for Becontree but also aired concerns about the looming threat of escalating costs.

Long-time residents of the estate, Roy Savery and Brenda McKee, expressed their worries to MyLondon: "You have to watch your money anyhow but now we're short and it's going to get worse. It's not only us, it's youngsters as well, it's the next generation, we have got to think of them. I feel for the young people, they've got it coming."