Estonian MP joins parliamentary debate while vaping in bed and listening to music

Watch: Estonian MP joins parliamentary debate while vaping in bed

An Estonian MP has epitomised the "charm and pain of remote work" after being spotted laid back on his bed, vaping and listening to music while remotely attending a parliamentary debate.

Tarmo Kruusimäe, an MP of the centre-right Isamaa party, was seen reclining in bed vaping when it was his turn to ask a question during a debate.

It appears he did not know it was his turn to ask a question and so when the stream automatically connected to his computer he was shown unaware everyone could see he was relaxing.

Kruusimäe told local Celebrity magazine Kroonika: "This is the charm and pain of remote work.”

He added if he knew it was his turn to speak he would have worn a proper shirt and the background would have been different.

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Before entering politics, Kruusimäe was in a string of punk rock bands, which could explain his penchant for music.

The adjustment to primarily working from home for many professions hasn't been an easy one.

Many have struggled to maintain their professionalism while in the same space they relax, others have struggled to adapt technological needs of a Zoom-based working life.

A Texan lawyer went viral in February after accidentally putting a cat filter on their webcam, making them appear like a talking cat while attending a remote district court meeting.

He was forced to say "I'm not a cat!" while his assistant tried to fix the issue.

Others have been able brush off their mishaps.

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Reverend Vaughan Roberts joked at the time: "At least it wasn't Rambo or the Godfather."

He assured everyone it was a one-off and would not be virtually dressing up for any more recitals.