Ethan is left in charge of the ED

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Alistair Heap / BBC

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Ethan takes Connie for her first day of chemotherapy. Not wanting to show nerves or weakness, she bats Ethan away by putting him in charge of the ED. Ethan finds it awkward informing his more senior colleagues Dylan and Elle that Connie has chosen him to lead in her absence.

Things start to pile up as Ethan's inexperience and over-thorough approach causes delays and a backlog. He tries shifting patients to the wards against the advice of Dylan and Elle, but soon the corridors are full of trolleys with vomiting patients on them. Trying to support Ethan, they try to make things work. Can Ethan take control and turn around the day's backlog?

Meanwhile, to Robyn's horror, Glen gets a job as a porter in the ED. In an attempt to get Robyn to thaw towards him for lying about helping Glen, Dylan puts himself on minors with her, where they treat a Catholic priest who had been hit on the head by a crucifix.

Elsewhere, despite having just started a course of chemotherapy, Connie still hopes to spend Christmas with Grace skiing in Aspen.

Also this week, David and Rash work together and form a friendship.

Photo credit: Alistair Heap / BBC
Photo credit: Alistair Heap / BBC

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