Ethel Cain responds after Obama includes her ‘anti-war, anti-patriotism’ song on his end-of-year playlist

Ethel Cain has responded after former president Barack Obama included her song “American Teenager” in his annual end-of-year culture roundup.

Each year, Obama has made a tradition of sharing his favourite books, films and music with his followers on social media.

In 2022, he revealed he has been listening to artists including Kendrick Lamar, a longtime favourite, along with Rosalia, Omar Apollo, SZA, Lizzo, Koffee, Bad Bunny, and Burna Boy.

Included in the list of 25 songs is Cain’s single “American Teenager”, which is included on her debut album Preacher’s Daughter.

“I always enjoy sharing my end of year music playlist with you,” Obama wrote in the caption. “This year we heard oa lot of great songs. Here are some of my favourites.”

He also asked his followers to recommend any other music they felt he should check out.

On Twitter, Cain appeared overwhelmed at the inclusion, commenting: “Did not have a former president including my anti-war, anti-patriotism fake pop song on his end of year list on my 2022 bingo.” At the time of writing, her tweet had received more than 56,000 likes.

Cain’s lyrics to “American Teenager” include criticisms of US gun culture, anti-war sentiment, and political and religious dissilusionment.

“Grew up under yellow light on the street/ Putting too much faith in the make believe,” she sings. “Another high-school football team/ The neighbor's brother came home in a box/ But he wanted to go so maybe it was his fault/ Another red heart taken by the American dream.”

Obama is a fan of Ethel Cain, it has emerged (Ethel Cain/Getty)
Obama is a fan of Ethel Cain, it has emerged (Ethel Cain/Getty)

Obama also shared his favourite movies of 2022 this week, including Tom Cruise’s long-awaited action sequel and box office smash, Top Gun: Maverick, sci-fi drama After Yang, and The Woman King starring Viola Davis as the leader of a female army in an African kingdom.

His favourite books included Liberation Day by George Saunders, Trust by Hernan Diaz, and his wife Michelle Obama’s book The Light We Carry.

“I’m a bit biased on this one,” he joked after namechecking Michelle’s book.