Ethiopia Tigray conflict: ‘Full-scale’ humanitarian crisis emerges in Sudan, UN says

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Tens of thousands of people have fled the conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region to seek refuge in neighbouring Eritrea and Sudan. As the Ethiopian government prepares for a final military operation against rebel forces in the north, the UN warns of an imminent "full-scale" humanitarian crisis. FRANCE 24’s team filed this report from the border of Sudan.

In the Sudanese city of Hamdayet, Ethiopian refugees wait in their thousands for a UN bus to transfer them to the safety of a new camp.

Kmussie Kalayu is among those who fled the conflict.

“We only expect from the government food and shelter... those are basic and fundamental things to the person,” he told FRANCE 24.

NGOs are setting up facilities to cope with the growing numbers of refugee arrivals. Building latrines is a priority to prevent outbreaks of disease.

Sudanese locals are pitching in with contributions to help feed refugees along with established groups such as the World Food Programme.

The Sudanese government estimates some 200,000 Ethiopians may cross the border in the coming weeks.

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