Etoile Roberto Bolle holds open air dance lesson on Milan's Piazza del Duomo

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Piazza del Duomo in Milan hosted Sunday morning one of the most awaited events of “OnDance”, the dance festival conceived by Roberto Bolle.

The étoile gave an open-air barre lesson to 1607 students aged from 6 to 30 years, who arrived by bus and train from some 100 dance schools all over Italy, all dressed in white.

The initiative was organized in collaboration with AssoDanza, the association for the protection of the dance world, which represents some 15,000 Private Dance Schools.

The one hour long lesson turned into an extraordinary ahow, a joyous demonstration of love for an art that was born in Italy and has more than two million fans here.

"We are united by a passion that is dance. Every day we stand at the barre and we want this message to reach everyone. Even to institutions," said Bolle.

The fifth edition of “OnDance” festival is coming to an end Monday night, with a final show mixing classical, modern dance and tango.