EU’s drugs agency concerned the continent is becoming a centre for drug production

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) says the continent is increasingly becoming a centre for cocaine production.

The concern is that increased drug seizures indicate that even more illicit substances are in circulation.

Laurent Laniel, Principal scientific analyst, at EMCDDA said the situation is very worrying.

"When you see the volumes that are being seized what's in the back of your mind is 'what is entering'? If that much is seized a lot more is entering. And what are the damages this creates beyond the damages to the health of cocaine users, the damages on society in terms of violence, in terms of corruption," said Laniel.

Europe's hard drugs trade doesn't just fuel criminality. It also creates long-term health problems and has a consequent impact on health services. And it's not just cocaine said Laniel.

"There's the heroin, there's the MDMA, which is now also found in pills of much higher concentration than in the past, which can be dangerous," explained Laniel. "The likely consequence is that there will be more harm in terms of just health, let alone trafficking, just health, to consumers."