EU monitors new Meta measures on tackling disinformation ahead of June elections

The European Commission says Meta Platforms – the parent comapany of Facebook and Instagram – has taken measures to mitigate the spread of disinformation in the run-up to crucial EU elections in June.

Speaking on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the commission said, "Meta has now deployed new functionalities ...27 new real-time visual dashboards, one for each member state, to allow third-party real-time civic discourse and election monitoring.

Last month, the European Commission opened an investigation into suspected breaches of EU online content rules against Meta, as it said its Facebook and Instagram platforms had failed to tackle disinformation and deceptive advertising.

The commission said it would monitor the roll out of the new features as the formal procedures against Meta were ongoing.

Tracking misinformation

This comes as Meta Platforms added safety features to its misinformation tracking tool CrowdTangle for use during European Parliament elections in an attempt to allay EU concerns that triggered last month's investigation into the impact of its decision to phase out the tool.

This includes directing them to resources that explain how, among others, to set up two-factor authentication, review security settings, or set up Hidden Words which is an Instagram feature that automatically sends personal message requests containing offensive words, phrases and emojis to a hidden folder.

Investigation remains open

Although the European Commission has welcomed the move, the EU executive said in a statement that "formal proceedings against Meta [still] remain open".

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