EU Referendum: Registration Extended After Site CRASHES Hours Before Deadline


The Prime Minister has urged voters wanting to vote in the upcoming EU referendum to continue registering after the website crashed last night.

David Cameron said that people should continue to register and confirmed that the government was speaking with the Electoral Commission to ensure that people locked out of the site last night will still be able to vote.

The confirmation comes after MPs demanded that the deadline for voters to register should be extended after the website crashed before the midnight cut off.

Brits hoping to register for the vital vote on the government website complained of technical problems from 10pm last night.

This meant that some people were unable to register on the electoral roll and faced being unable to vote.

A huge drive to get people to register has been going on for several days and the government revealed that 525,000 people applied yesterday alone, with over 20,000 still using the site after the midnight deadline.


Extension: David Cameron said voters should continue to register after the website crashed last night (Rex)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and several other MPs called on the government to extend the deadline so that anyone who wants to vote, can.

SNP leader at Westminster, Angus Robertson, added that the deadline “must be” extended because “nobody should be denied their vote”.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron described the technical issues as “a shambles”.


Demands: Jeremy Corbyn wants all voters to have a say in the EU referendum (Rex)

A Cabinet Office spokesman said: "We became aware of technical issues on [the registration website] late on Tuesday night due to unprecedented demand.

"Some people did manage to get through and their applications were processed.

“We tried to resolve the situation as quickly as was possible and to resolve cases where people tried to register but were not able to.”

Voters have been able to register for several months since the date of the referendum was announced, but the last few days has seen a huge push from all parties to ensure Brits have a say in our future in the EU.

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