Euphoria Season 3 Has Been Delayed At HBO, But There May Still Be A Silver Lining For The Cast

 Jules and Rue in Euphoria. .
Jules and Rue in Euphoria. .

At this point, fans have been waiting a while for Euphoria Season 3, which we know a few details about. It was reported a while ago that the show's production schedule was pushed back due to the dual Hollywood strikes. The cast and crew's busy schedules were also said to have factored in. The HBO hit finished its second season in February 2022, and on a bloody cliffhanger involving a shootout at that. Unfortunately, for those waiting to see that resolution, the show was just hit with a production delay, which could actually be a silver lining for the likes of Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and co.

News of the delay that's struck Euphoria Season 3, which was reportedly set to commence filming within the next few months comes by way of Deadline. HBO shared a statement with the trade on the development and didn't provide an exact cause for it. Though one specific piece of information shared suggests good news for the cast:

HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to making an exceptional third season. In the interim, we are allowing our in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities.

So, in the meantime, it would seem that the Home Box Office network is given the actors the opportunity to spread their wings and join other productions. That might suggest that this production hiatus could go longer than one might think. While such a thought isn't all that great for fans, it still could work in the cast's favor, from a professional standpoint.

Many of the stars, including Zendaya, Jacob Elordi and Sydney Sweeney, have been busy with high-profile films. Zendaya was just recently promoting Dune: Part Two, one of the biggest movies on the 2024 movie schedule and will soon mark the release of her romantic drama, Challengers. Meanwhile, Elordi has received praise for her work in the drama films Priscilla and Saltburn, which includes that much-discussed "sexy" bathtub scene. As for Sweeney, she's coming off both Anyone But You and Madame Web, and her latest flick, Immaculate, just dropped. On top of all this, other series alums, like Storm Reid and Colman Domingo, have also been booked up.

Earlier this month, Euphoria cast member Nika King joked about how on-screen daughter Zendaya should stop going to Fashion Week so filming on Season 3 can commence. Although a set filming date has yet to be announced, it does sound like Season 3 is still very much happening in 2025 as planned, which is comforting. Yet fans are just going to have to wait for it a bit longer, and King will also have to remain patient for production to start back up.

Story details on Season 3 are relatively unknown to the general public, as creator Sam Levinson and his team have remained tight-lipped. The ensemble will look a little different though, given the departure of Barbie Ferreira and the death of Angus Cloud in 2023. I hope everything comes together accordingly so that the stars can reunite and film more episodes. In the meantime though, I -- at the very least -- look forward to seeing them in other projects, considering they now have more flexibility on that front.

Ahead of Euphoria's return in 2025, stream past episodes with a Max subscription and read up on upcoming A24 shows that are on the docket. There are also plenty of other viewing options on the 2024 TV schedule.