Euro 2020 final: Where ticketless fans breached Wembley Stadium security before England v Italy match

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Fans overwhelmed Wembley security across the stadium before Sunday's Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

A number of ticketless supporters successfully breached external barriers and the turnstiles to enter the venue, prompting violent clashes.

On at least two occasions fans overran stadium entrances and further breaches occurred at perimeter checks. Clashes between fans and stewards ensued and dangerous crushes occurred.

Sky News has determined when and where some of these incidents took place throughout the evening:

Point 1: Engineers Way - 5.31pm - 159 minutes to kick-off

Fans rush barriers where stewards are carrying out COVID checks and an initial ticket screen. Police officers are overwhelmed and some stewards attempt to kick and trip the onrushing fans.

Point 2: Club Wembley Entrance - 5.40pm - 150 minutes to kick-off

A group of supporters is seen sprinting up a stairway next to the Club Wembley entrance, the stadium's hospitality entrance. They evade stewards' attempts to stop them.

Point 3: Atlantic Crescent - time unknown

Some people topple an external barrier on Atlantic Crescent, on the north-east side of the stadium. People step over the fallen fencing and on to the outer concourse as mounted police move in to stop others from entering.

Point 4: West Stand - After 7pm - 60 minutes to kick-off

Some fans begin to be escorted from seats within the stadium after entering without tickets.

Point 5: Entrance G - 7.06pm - 54 minutes to kick-off

People trip and fall as the crowd attempts to enter the stadium at entrance point G. They scramble to avoid a large crush occurring.

Point 6: South Way - 7.21pm - 39 minutes to kick-off

At the perimeter to the south, people can be seen climbing walls to access the outer concourse as a handful of stewards struggle to protect the area.

Point 7: Entrance C - 7.22pm - 38 minutes to kick-off

A group attempts to rush a disabled entrance on the south east side of the ground. A number are successful as they overwhelm the stewards trying to hold them back. Some other fans already inside begin to fight with those streaming in.

Point 8: North Stand - 8.01pm - Kick-off

Journalists report people standing in the aisles near the press box as people have entered into the stadium without tickets or have found their seats occupied. The game begins.

The FA denounced those who forced their way into the stadium and stated that they would work with the authorities to take action against them.

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