They won £45m and what do they do... buy a £39.99 tent!

Gaby Leslie

When people dream about winning the lottery a new mansion, a flashy car or a luxury holiday come to mind as where their newfound wealth will go.

And last week’s EuroMillions winners have already hit the high street to start their spending spree – on a tent in the winter sale.

After scooping a £45million windfall last Tuesday night, and instantly becoming richer than footballer Wayne Rooney, it was revealed that the pair planned to pay for a dream wedding, an Aston Martin and various purchases for friends and family.

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But according to reports, lucky couple Matt Topham and Cassey Carrington, both 22, of Nottingham, in fact bought a £39.99 tent – ahead of this summer’s V Festival – rather than a mansion.

Their brand spanking new bright green tent will replace their old tent before they head to the festival in August.

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Speaking about the soon-to-be-married couple, friend Phil Tayor is quoted as saying: “No way will they be swanning off to any VIP areas. They'll get down and dirty in the field like the rest of us.

“Their old tent got ripped to ribbons — and Matt said they'd just gone out and bought one for a penny under £40. They're just a down-to-earth couple who love each other.”

What would you buy with £45m?