EuroMillions winners in hiding ‘to escape begging letters’

The couple who bagged the EuroMillions jackpot have gone into hiding after reportedly being harassed with letters begging them for a share of their £161m fortune.

Britain’s biggest-ever winners Colin Weir, 64, and Christine Weir, 55, may have even been forced to travel abroad after claiming the jackpot in last Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw.

There are some reports of them fleeing to Spain or Lanzarote, while other sources claim that the couple could be hiding out in the Scottish Highlands.

The modest pair are believed to have whisked their children off with them as they escape hundreds of desperate monetary demands.

A local postman from their home town of Largs, Ayrshire, in Scotland, told the Daily Mail: “The begging letters have already started coming. I delivered a pile of them today.”

“But there are many more piled up at the sorting office. They are just addressed to ‘The Weirs, Largs’ and the manager is deciding whether to deliver them.”

The Weirs decided to go public with their windfall because they didn’t want to have to lie to family and friends.

One anonymous local revealed to The Express: “We have not seen them since they were on the TV. No one knows for sure where they are but they mentioned needing time to chat about their win with their family.”

“They are reported to have flown out of Glasgow en route to Lanzarote – but other people claim they are with the Camelot people. One thing is for sure though, they will have to come back here soon.”

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Speaking with Yahoo! News today, a spokeswoman from Camelot was unable to confirm their current location. She said: “We don’t give out any information of the whereabouts of our winners. Following last Friday’s press conference, they have agreed not to do anymore publicity.”