Europe weather warnings as tourist hotspots in Spain and Italy near record temperatures

Some of the most popular holiday hotspots in Europe have seen extreme weather conditions this week, with heatwaves and wildfires. BirminghamLive previously reported how the Balearic Islands experienced 'meteo-tsunami' waves.

However, that is just the start of it as particularly coastal parts of Europe see extreme weather conditions emerging. Italy is presently under an 'excessive heat warning', meanwhile the French Alps have seen flooding.

Turkey, which is also a popular UK holiday spot, has seen deadly wildfires tearing through villages. Meanwhile, temperatures in the southern Italian city of Foggia have reached over 40C -nearing an all-time record.

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Extreme weather has become a more common news item amid climate change - and this summer it seems set to continue. In Spain, dramatic footage has captured the moment a gigantic wave surged over a road in the Balearic resort town of Puerto Alcudia, a hotspot for holidaymakers.

However, these flash floods pale in comparison to the deluge of water that cascaded down a mountainside in France - wreaking havoc on an Alpine village and forcing its residents to evacuate via helicopter, the Daily Mail reports.

Over in Turkey, eleven people have tragically lost their lives and dozens more have been injured as a massive wildfire engulfed several villages overnight, according to the country's health minister on Friday.

In neighbouring Greece, authorities have evacuated several villages south of Athens and in the southern Peloponnese region due to wildfires. Italy is now also bracing for wildfires, with warnings that the heatwave combined with dry conditions could produce the ideal circumstances for blazes in areas like Sardinia and Sicily.

Elsewhere, Spanish Met Office spokesperson Miquel Gili made a warning about sea levels. Heexplained: "Pressure variations affect sea level. If the pressure increases, the sea drops; if the pressure drops, the sea rises. The main characteristic of these rises and falls is that they.

"In just 15 minutes the sea level can rise or fall very noticeably and then return to its normal state."