European nations tighten COVID rules for Chinese travellers

European nations tighten COVID rules for Chinese travellers

France, Spain and the UK will implement tougher COVID-19 measures for passengers arriving from China.

Paris is requiring negative tests and is urging French citizens to avoid non-essential travel to China. It's also reintroducing mask requirements on flights from China to France.

French health authorities will carry out random PCR tests at airports on passengers arriving from China to identify potential new coronavirus variants. The new rules take effect on Sunday, but officials said it would be a few days before they are fully in place.

The UK government has announced that anyone travelling to England on direct flights from China would be required to take a pre-departure test from 5 January

Health Secretary Steve Barclay said that the UK was taking a “balanced and precautionary approach." He described the measures as “temporary” while officials assess COVID-19 statistics.

France and Spain have also said they would continue to push for a Europe-wide policy.

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