European Parliament Sings 'Auld Lang Syne' to Bid Farewell to UK Ahead of Brexit Day

Members of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, stood to sing Auld Lang Syne on January 29 as a goodbye gesture to the United Kingdom, which is scheduled to leave the European Union on January 31.

The MEPs can be seen rising and joining hands as they sing a chorus of Auld Lang Syne, which is associated with New Year’s Eve, fresh starts, and change.

The tune is based on a poem by Scottish poet Robert Burns, and Alyn Smith, a Scottish MP for Stirling, wrote on Twitter, “And Auld Lang Syne to finish. Scotland will be back.”

MEPs were saying goodbye to their UK colleagues ahead of “Brexit Day” on January 31. A transition period is due to end on December 31, 2020.

The departure follows an extended period of negotiations that stemmed from a public vote in June 2016. Around 52 percent of voters opted to leave the European Union. Credit: Alyn Smith via Storyful