Eurovision 2019 review: Incredible show in Tel Aviv feels like a watershed moment

Rob Holley

This feels like a watershed moment for Eurovision. Every single one of those performances was exceptional, and every single song will chart across the continent... even our favourite singing dentist, San Marino (there’s always one).

Anyone that calls Eurovision naff or irrelevant really hasn’t been paying attention tonight. The quality of the songs is now consistently high across the board, so much so that an cameo from Madonna actually felt like a needless bump in proceedings.

On an incredible night full of surprises, the stands out were wobbly mop opera, the knicker model from Switzerland, and BDSM Electroclash (Iceland).

Hatari have been fun across the week, being careful to highlight the complexities of performing within the confines of a complicated political situation - something that Australia’s Kate also acknowledged.

It also didn’t go unnoticed that both acts chose to fly the trans pride flag, alongside the rainbow flag, whenever the camera cut to the green room.

Another inspiration is France’s Bilal. Make no mistake, whether you liked his entry Roi or not, that performance is going to inspire so many kids who are different. Pure beauty.

The Netherlands delivered exactly what we thought they might: an expertly earnest ballad, tipped to win since since March.

It’s not been plain sailing: rehearsals have seen numerous technical mishaps, but the Israeli broadcasters pulled off an incredible show when it mattered!

And it’s rare that long-suffering Eurovision fans get to escape the Nordic nations, and enjoy sunshine and a beach. There’s a lot of sunburnt foreheads on display.

However, none of this takes away from the general splendour of this year's competition. One of the best Eurovision Song Contests in recent memory.