Eurovision 2022: Fans ecstatic over ‘top tier belter’ UK entry Sam Ryder

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Eurovision fans are ecstatic over the UK’s entry.

This year’s UK representative is singer-songwriter and TikTok star Sam Ryder.

The Essex-born musician performed his song “Space Man” at the finals in Turin, Italy – this year’s host country, following the victory of Italian rock band Måneskin in 2021’s competition.

Prior to his selection as this year’s hopeful, the 32-year-old made a name for himself on TikTok through a mix of his covers of major hits and original music.

Viewers shared their reactions to Ryder’s performance on Twitter.

“Go Sam Ryder! You’ve got a good chance of getting the UK some points this year!” wrote one person.

Another added: “Whatever happens I love this song so much. Sam Ryder is clearly living the dream tonight and I’m proud.”

“Not heard this before. What a top tier belter!” wrote one person. “My current number 1. For once we’ve got a great song in! Love him on TikTok as well.”

Someone else called “Space Man” a “cracking tune”, while another said that Ryder is “asbolutely phenomenal”.

Graham Norton, who is the commentator for the BBC coverage of Eurovision, also praised Ryder, calling his song a “powerhouse performance”.

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