Euston Tube station evacuated as police respond to security alert

Hatty Collier
Evacuation: Euston Tube station (file photo): TSSA

A busy London Tube station was evacuated as police responded to a security alert.

Alarms sounded at Euston Tube station on Saturday afternoon and passengers were ordered to clear the platforms.

British Transport Police officers were called to the scene shortly after 6pm.

Passengers described seeing a huge police presence in the area and crowds of people running for the exits.

Other said there were armed police present.

Tasman Armstrong‏ @TasmanArmstrong tweeted: "Just been evacuated from London Euston underground.

"Not sure what (if anything) has happened. Above ground rail appears to be operating."

Another passenger named Maral said: "Just been evacuated at Euston station, which is now swarming with armed police.

"Stay away if you possibly can."

"Just been evacuated from Euston station. Police everywhere and a stampede to get away", one passenger tweeted.

Shortly before 7pm, police declared the incident was not suspicious and that the station would reopen.

A BTP spokesman said: "Euston station was evacuated following a security alert. Officers have checked everything out.

"Nothing suspicious. Station has reopened."