EV truck maker Tevva 're-engages' with potential merger partners

Engineers at electric maker Tevva work on a pre-production prototype truck at the startup's UK plant in Tilbury

By Nick Carey

LONDON (Reuters) - British electric truck maker Tevva has "re-engaged" with a number of possible merger partners following ElectraMeccanica's decision earlier this month to cancel their planned deal and said on Monday it has a number of trucks in production.

The two companies announced their planned merger in August, giving Tevva access to U.S. production and targeting revenue of up to $1.5 billion in 2028, but Mesa, Arizona-based ElectraMeccanica terminated the agreement citing "failures by Tevva to disclose ... material information."

Tevva, which has so far raised about $140 million from investors, said it had provided "full and open access" to ElectraMeccanica and "will be seeking recourse through due legal process."

Tevva said it has "re-engaged with a number of investors and public companies looking for a merger," adding it was "confident that from these various opportunities it will secure both medium- and long-term financing to complete its business plan."

In a statement it also said it had a number of fully electric 7.5 tonne trucks in production to hand over to customers.

After attracting billions from investors just a few years ago, many EV startups have struggled as rising inflation and interest rates have shut off access to funding.

A few have begun bankruptcy proceedings, including Swedish-based electric truck maker Volta Trucks which filed for bankruptcy last week.

(Reporting by Nick Carey; Editing by David Holmes)