Eva Mendes Loved The Fall Guy So Much, She Broke Her Rule About Posting Photos Of Ryan Gosling Kissing Another Woman

 Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in The Place Beyond the Pine.
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in The Place Beyond the Pine.

Ryan Gosling has proven in his best romance movies he can create chemistry with anyone, whether it’s with Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, a Real Girl doll, and his real-life leading lady Eva Mendes. In his latest movie The Fall Guy, the Canadian actor shares a lot of screen time with British actress Emily Blunt that’s become a memorable focal point for the movie. Mendes was in such awe over her main squeeze’s latest action-comedy flick that she broke her own rule about posting a photo of Gosling kissing another woman, as evidenced by a Gosling-Blunt promotional photo displayed on her social media feed.

Eva Mendes reportedly married her Place Beyond the Pines costar in 2022, and she’s made great strides supporting his acting career. So much so that the Hitch actress has decided to break her own rule about posting photos of Ryan Gosling kissing his on-screen love interests with an Instagram picture of him and Emily Blunt lip-locking in a Fall Guy promotional poster. Here’s Mendes’ praiseworthy caption about her partner and his 2024 released movie she’s “proud” of:

Did you know?! @thefallguymovie is the FIRST non super hero movie to open the summer box office in 17 years! And maybe it didn’t break the box office but it broke sooo many other records. I’m extra proud of this one. The proof is in my post-I don’t usually post pics of my man kissing a babe but Emily Blunt is just that damn good in it. THEY’RE that damn good in it. Viva el fall guy!💋

You feel like calling the fire department seeing that promotional photo of Ryan Gosling and Emily engaging in some steamy lip action. Also included in Eva Mendes’ post are screenshots of X posts with users tweeting about how much fun they had watching The Fall Guy. Last but not least, Mendes had to post a photo of her reported husband’s smoldering look from the movie. She really appears to be such a ray of light to Gosling’s life.

Other than the insane action sequences seen in The Fall Guy, people were loving the Ryan Gosling-Emily Blunt action movie for the insane chemistry between the two leads. Screening reactions at CinemaCon 2024 included CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell saying Gosling and Blunt’s undeniable chemistry is a reason to see this movie. With Eva Mendes even writing praises for her life partner's on-screen chemistry with Blunt, that must mean their scenes together truly are worth giving director David Leitch’s film a try.

The Training Day actress makes an excellent point about the rarity of a non-superhero film getting the top box office spot. The Fall Guy may have made underwhelming numbers to kick off the summer blockbuster season, but Box Office Mojo’s numbers say that the TV series-adapted film still managed to be number one at the box office the first weekend it came out on May 3rd.

And no, it didn’t break the box office, only managing to make $107 million worldwide on a reported budget of $125–150 million. But like Mendes pointed out, it did manage to set a world record for a stunt of the most cannon rolls performed in a car. Hopefully, The Fall Guy is the stepping stone for a long-awaited stunt category at the next Oscars. Take a look at Mendes’ sweet post below:

The Fall Guy is clearly such a winner in Eva Mendes' eyes that she broke her own rule about posting photos of her life partner kissing his on-screen love interests. She’s truly a big supporter of Gosling's work. Plus, we have her to thank for his safety in refusing to let him engage in any dangerous stunts of his own during filming. You can watch The Fall Guy right now playing in theaters.