Evening Standard Comment: We need to be able to manage Covid risk

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 (Christian Adams)
(Christian Adams)

The timing of the decision to lift Covid-19 restrictions was always going to prove challenging and controversial for the end of lockdown will inevitably lead to a spike in infections as people start to go about their daily lives.

It is unrealistic to expect the Government to come up with a plan to regulate each aspect of life once lockdown ends and it is not reasonable to expect life to return to pre-Covid norms on July 19.

The British people have been largely terrified of the virus for 18 months. We all know someone who has got sick. All too many of us can recall the names of people who have died.

It will take time to fully recover, and some will take longer than others, so we must be patient. And that is where a case-by-case basis on things like masks is important.

If Transport for London, which is desperate to get people back on Tubes and buses, has listened to Londoners and believes maintaining a mask mandate is the best way to help people feel safe, it should be empowered to do so.

And it should be up to employers, in consultation with their workforce, to determine when and how staff return to the office.

As we continue to vaccinate the population, the Government has a job on its hands to build up a broad level of confidence by the autumn, and a responsibility to make clear what ongoing level of hospitalisations and deaths it is prepared to accept after July 19.

Meanwhile, and crucially, it is everyone’s responsibility to get vaccinated, as that’s the best way to get Covid under control and open up London.

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