Evening Standard fund for Grenfell fire victims gives out final £1.4m

David Cohen
A final sum of £1.4 million will be given to the survivors of the fire from the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund’s appeal

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire will receive a final sum of £1.4 million from the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund’s appeal.

It brings the total distributed by our fund to £6.8 million, the most money given out to Grenfell survivors by a single charitable fund.

It also marks a milestone in that 95 per cent of the £7.2 million raised by our appeal has been allocated within six months of the June 14 fire, with just under £400,000 held back for contingencies.

Survivor Rukayet Mamudu, 69, who saved her 12-year-old son Tyshondre by carrying him out of the building in North Kensington, said: “God bless the readers of the Evening Standard.

“Six months after the fire, we are still living in a small, single hotel room, but your donations have been a lifesaver for me.

Dispossessed Fund Grenfell Appeal

Funds raised: £ 7,205,554

Payments to 140 survivor families:

Emergency payments: £280,000

Fresh start funds: £1,400,000

Fresh start top-ups: £1,820,000

Final payments: £1,400,000

Proceeds from #Game4Grenfell charity football match at QPR: £454,124

Donation passed on from Human Appeal & Brentford FC: £66,715

Total received by each family: £38,720

Other payments made by our fund: To Grenfell Walk residents: £26,000

To London Emergencies Trust for next of kin and injured: £1,200,000

To help fund range of charities helping survivors and counselling at Kensington Aldridge Academy: £165,000

Total distributed: £6,811,839

Funds held for contingencies: £393,715

“Because of you, I have been able to buy the medical equipment I need for my back problem and you have provided us with a sense of care and security.

"I am a member of the Grenfell United survivor group and I can say that we are immensely grateful for your generosity, and to the Standard for the speed and efficiency with which they managed your donations.”

Tracey Crouch, minister for sport and civil society, praised Standard readers for their response to the fire and the solidarity they had shown with victims.

“God bless you”: Rukayet Mamudu with her son Tyshondre, who escaped the fire (Alex Lentati)

She said: “The generous response from Evening Standard readers in the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy was incredible. The money raised has gone to survivors and next of kin and thanks to the Dispossessed Fund and their partner, The London Community Foundation, this money has been disbursed so that those who need it most can get back on their feet as fast as possible.”

The £1.4 million will be paid to 140 families who escaped the fire — £10,000 per household — and takes the total given out per survivor family from our fund alone to £38,720. Payments will be made by The London Community Foundation to the Rugby Portobello Trust charity to be distributed to survivor families within the next few days. Payments will be by bank transfer only.

Our appeal was started within hours of the fire, which led to the deaths of 71 people, and was the first and largest created for Grenfell, with more than 40,000 readers donating. The British Red Cross and Kensington & Chelsea Foundation have also raised £6.8 million and £6.4 million respectively.

In total, £24 million has been donated to the main Grenfell charitable funds, according to the Charity Commission, of which two thirds — £16.1 million — had been distributed prior to today’s announcement. Francis Salway, chairman of The London Community Foundation, said: “As we make these final payments, our thoughts are with the families affected and we are reminded of the heartache they have suffered. We hope this money can help people rebuild their lives.”