Evening Standard Comment: Prince Harry’s mental health campaign deserves our support

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Strip out the royal context, the feuds, the celebrity, and what Prince Harry is doing is remarkable. A well-known man, coming from a corner of the world where stiff upper lips are still admired, laying bare his struggles will help millions of people going through their own difficulties.

As a society, we are still far from where we need to be when it comes to discussing, let alone tackling mental health. That is why we launched our Young London SOS campaign — to address the rising crisis in mental health facing our young people. Half of those who developmental health problems experience symptoms by 14 and early intervention is key.

These struggles are connected to other societal challenges, such as addiction and homelessness. Harry’s moving statement should be a call to action. Diana was a brave, caring, resilient woman and public life remains diminished by her absence.

His interventions should not be swept under the carpet or be weaponised as another tool in the armoury of feuding royal tribes.

It is an issue of societal importance and one we are yet to fully grapple with.

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