Evening Standard Comment: The whole country will mourn Prince Philip’s death

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<p>This has been such a year of loss already but <a href=

This has been such a year of loss already but

none will grieve his passing more than his Queen

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It was with huge sadness that we heard the Queen announce at midday today the death of her beloved husband of 72 years, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. The news, although shocking, was not unexpected after his long month in hospital from mid-February. We can all be glad that he was able to go home to Windsor for his very last days. 

We assume his vast family have been visiting him these past weeks — including his four children, most of his eight grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. A life of service is a rare accolade these days and none bar our Queen has been as committed to this as Prince Philip, even if, as his biographer Philip Eade attests, in his youth some of this responsibility hung heavy on the broad shoulders of this incredibly charismatic and action-driven man. 

The whole country will go into mourning. This has been such a year of loss already but none will grieve his passing more than his Queen. She has been there for us each and every day since her coronation on June 2, 1953 and in turn her rock has been her husband, whom she married in 1947. She has described him as her “strength and stay”.

Despite the endless books and the series The Crown, from which most will have drawn their conclusions of the duke, their marriage and what they endured together plus their love, respect and endless support for each other was, like most long marriages, conducted in privacy and will always remain so. 

We will mourn as a nation his death and also celebrate him and his many personal achievements. Because over the coming weeks and months, this is the best support we can provide to our Queen. 

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