Every upcoming Disney animation heading our way, from Wish to Frozen 3

Everything the House of Mouse has in store…

Every upcoming Disney animation (Alamy/Disney)
Every upcoming Disney animation (Alamy/Disney)

Disney may be enjoying a live-action resurgence of late but make no mistake, it’s hasn’t forgotten its animated roots.

With the House of Mouse recently celebrating its centenary, long-time fans who grew up glued to its beloved golden and silver age animated classics will no doubt be pleased to learn that traditional animation very much still has a place within the studio’s future.

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Below you’ll find a list of every upcoming Disney animation that’s heading our way over the next few years. We’ll update things as projects shift around or new films are confirmed, so be sure to check back regularly for up-to-date details on Disney’s upcoming animation slate.

Wish – 22 November, 2023

Asha and Valentino in Wish (Disney)
Asha and Valentino in Wish (Disney)

Co-directed Fawn Veerasunthorn and Frozen filmmaker Chris Buck, Wish is Disney’s 62nd animated release and takes a left-field look at a familiar aspect of the studio’s iconography. We’re all aware of the shooting star that Pinocchio wished upon back in 1940 - well, this film tells the story of how that star came to be by chronicling its journey with a young girl named Asha. The film boasts the vocal talent of Oscar winner Ariana DeBose, Star Trek’s Chris Pine and Moana star Alan Tudyk, and will be shooting in to cinemas in late 2023.

Untitled Disney Animated film – 27 November, 2024

As you can probably tell by the title above, not much is currently known about this one other than the fact that it will be Walt Disney Animated Studios film release that’s debuting on the same day as Wicked Part 1. As soon as we know more, you’ll find it here.

Zootopia 2 – TBA

A Zootopia sequel and spin-off series are on the way. (Alamy)
A Zootopia sequel and spin-off series are on the way. (Disney/Alamy)

2016’s colourfully animated animal comedy Zootopia transported us to a world run by animals and introduced us to an unlikely pair who are forced to work together to stop a criminal conspiracy that threatens their furry world.

That film starred Ginnifer Goodwin as Zootopia police department bunny Judy Hopps and Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde, a sly con artist fox – and both will hopefully be back for Zootopia 2 however, concrete casting news is yet to be announced. Likewise, we’re not sure when this film will reach our screens but we do know that we can expect a spin-off series called Zootopia+ on Disney+ soon too.

Frozen 3 – TBA

Disney has also released two stills from the film (Disney)
Disney has confirmed Frozen III is in the works. (Disney)

Watch out parents with young kids - you’re about to have a whole batch of new Frozen tunes playing on repeat in your house over the coming years. While Frozen III doesn’t have a release date just yet, it’s very much on the way after it was confirmed by the studio in early 2023.

In fact, a lot about this Frozen threequel remains a mystery, including its plot, vocal stars and who might be helming it. We do know that parts one and two directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck won’t be returning - but it’d be unlikely to hit the big screen without franchise voice stars Kirsten Bell, Idina Menzell and Josh Gad.