Every roadwork and street closure to hit Coventry this week

All of the roadworks to hit Coventry over the coming week
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Drivers could face delays as there are a number of roadworks hitting Coventry this week. This includes some road and lane closures across the city.

Permission has also been given for multi-way traffic lights to be set up on certain roads so that roadworks can take place. They are all listed on the city council's roadworks map.

CoventryLive has compiled a list of all of the roadworks that you need to be aware of this week. It may help motorists plan their journeys.

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The list of roadworks and closures, by date, is as follows:

Today (Monday, July 8)

  • Road closure - Cromwell Lane from Charter Avenue to Duggins Lane. It will be in place from 8pm until 5am until Friday, July 12.

  • Lane closure - Earlsdon Street from Moor Street to end of Earlsdon St Island from 7.30am until 4pm until Tuesday, July 9.

  • Road closure - Edmund Road from 7.30am until 4pm until Friday, July 12.

  • Two way signals - Browns Lane. Until Wednesday, July 10.

  • Road closure - Claverdon Road. Until Wednesday, July 10.

  • Road closure - Bishop Street. Until Friday, July 12.

  • Road closure - Broadway. Until Friday, July 12

  • Lane closure - Moseley Avenue. Until Saturday, July 13

  • Road closure - Glendower Avenue. Until July 17.

  • Road closure - Ridgley Road. Until July 19.

Tuesday, July 9

  • Lane 2 closure - Ringway from Ringway St Nicholas to Ringway Whitefriars from 9am until 3pm.

Wednesday, July 10

  • Road closure - Holbrook Lane from Jimmy Hill roundabout to Holbrook Lane roundabout from 7.30am until 4pm for one day.

Thursday, July 11

  • Road closure - Tamworth Road from Long Lane junction between 6.30pm until 5am

  • Multi-way signals - Cromwell Lane for one day.

  • Multi-way signals - Charter Avenue for one day.

  • Road closure - Nightingale Lane. Until July 17

For more details, see the roadworks section on the city council's website here

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