'Every second counts': City headteachers learn to save lives

'Every second counts' City headteachers learn to save lives
'Every second counts' City headteachers learn to save lives

More than 100 Glasgow headteachers took part in life-saving training today.

The teaching staff from across the city gathered at the City Chambers to learn about CPR, defibrillators, first aid and more.

Organised by the Scottish Ambulance Service, the Heartstart programme aimed to pass on vital information which could help in emergencies.

CPR training

CPR training

Paramedic Susan Gardner with learning aid twins

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Claire Duijnisveld, community resilience paramedic team leader, said: "This event, which is part of Restart a Heart Month, is the largest training event we have delivered.

"We have 100 teachers from various schools across Glasgow attending to take part and learn emergency life-saving skills to recognise someone who is seriously unwell, know when to call for help and perform CPR.

"Our aim is to train and refresh as many teaching staff as possible in Heartstart, allowing them to cascade the skills and knowledge to the pupils and fellow colleagues.

"Understanding the importance of the links in 'the chain of survival' is invaluable.

"As a member of the public, having the skills and confidence to recognise a cardiac arrest and perform CPR to buy the patient time whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive could lead to a positive outcome for the patient.

"Every second counts in these situations, and therefore it is important to educate as many people as possible that doing something could save someone's life."

Staff listening to the conference

CPR training