Every word Nuno said on Nottingham Forest potential, toughest season and transfers

Head coach Nuno Espirito Santo celebrates with Anthony Elanga (left) and Morgan Gibbs-White (right) after Nottingham Forest's win over Burnley
Head coach Nuno Espirito Santo celebrates with Anthony Elanga (left) and Morgan Gibbs-White (right) after Nottingham Forest's win over Burnley -Credit:Getty

A Chris Wood brace ensured Nottingham Forest got the job done and mathematically secured survival on the final day of the season.

The front man scored twice against former club Burnley to clinch a 2-1 win for the Reds. However, Josh Cullen’s deflected effort in the second half denied them a clean-sheet to sign off for the summer with.

Forest finished the campaign in 17th place with 32 points. Below is a look at what head coach Nuno Espirito Santo had to say after the final whistle at Turf Moor.

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On getting the job done…

“Happiness. We are happy. We are very, very happy and proud of the way we finished the season. We all know how hard and tough this season was for all of us at the football club.

“It was important to finish on a high - winning and achieving the main objective from when we arrived. Our fans are going to see Premier League football - the best football in the world - next season.”

On whether it was his toughest season…

“It was the first time we as a coaching staff had joined a club in the middle of a season. It was a new experience.

“We embraced the challenge; it was something new. But what we didn’t have, what we are getting now, is what you normally achieve in pre-season - the bond. We didn’t have a pre-season. We had to build it, our relationship, through the season while competing.

“It was hard because we didn’t have the chance to build what is most important for me in football - the bond. Now we are starting to see that the players are trusting us and trusting each other.

“Definitely the most difficult. Now we need to rest. Everyone needs to rest because it was very tough. The players, the staff and the fans need to rest. Now is the moment to celebrate - really celebrate.”

On how he will celebrate…

“I am going to drink two or three beers. I am going to take two or three beers with the coaching staff.

“We always played good football. It was entertaining. I think our fans should be proud of the way the players did it. We wanted to finish it (safety) before this, but we did it today in a nice way.”

On whether he will have to make tough decisions on players this summer…

“We have to make decisions, but they are not tough - they are based on what we believe. Not tough decisions. I don’t consider them tough decisions; they are part of the job.”

On transfer expectations…

“You never know in football. You have to realise that the way we finished this season, some players in our squad are going to attract interest, for sure. They are talented, they are young and they are in a good moment of their careers. You cannot control these things. We have to see what happens.

“It (PSR restrictions leading to players being sold) frustrates. But not only me, all the managers in the Premier League are for sure thinking the same.”

On the potential in the squad…

“We know from since we arrived the squad is unbalanced; it was naturally unbalanced. We were not able to balance it. We are short of options in some positions and unfortunately we had a lot of injuries.

“When you think about building, the platform is there. It is just a matter now of making the right decisions to have the squad to face what is going to be again a very tough season. What makes it through the season is the squad.”

On the importance of Chris Wood…

“Very important. Chris gives a lot - not only the goals he scores, but also the way he is our reference point, the way he holds the ball and the movement. He is a fantastic player. We all know he went through a tough spell, but we keep the confidence because Chris is fantastic. Besides being a very good football player, he is also a very nice boy.”

On what needs to be done for Forest to progress…

“Now we need to rest. You could see today that the energy was short in the last moments. All the teams are suffering the same, with too many absences.

“Before thinking about anything ahead of us, we have to really look back on what happened, and then start thinking. But first of all, I am going to give myself a day off! We need to rest to have clear minds to make the right decisions.”

On a sense of enjoyment towards the end of the season…

“I think the team started to enjoy themselves because we have been able to start creating a routine. We had the same players playing together over and over again, and that reflects in the performance.

“Of course, when you say enjoy, all the managers enjoy when they have a lot of solutions and can build. It is not enjoyable when you are short of options and have to try things.

“But in terms of football, I think we finished in a very nice way in terms of playing. We played big teams and were always entertaining.”

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