Every word Unai Emery said about Aston Villa vs Chelsea, Spurs battle and Pochettino pressure

Unai Emery sat down with the media at Bodymoor Heath earlier this afternoon
Unai Emery sat down with the media at Bodymoor Heath earlier this afternoon -Credit:Photo by James Baylis - AMA/Getty Images

Unai Emery sat down with the media at Bodymoor Heath earlier this afternoon ahead of Aston Villa's Premier League clash against Chelsea at Villa Park on Saturday night.

His side have the opportunity to move nine points clear of Tottenham before Sunday's north London derby. Here is every word Emery said in his pre-match press conference...

How pleased are you to extend your deal?

"I am happy here and I am very motivated. When I arrived here one year and a half ago, of course, our expectation progressively is getting better, but there is still a lot of work to do. I had a clause and the club activated the clause for one year more. I agreed and I am happy of course."

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What kind of achievement would it be to get into the Champions League?

"It is amazing motivation that we have. We are being realistic too and now we are contenders to get it. Five months, four months, three months, even one month ago you asked if we could be a contender to get the Champions League. I sent the same message that we weren’t. Now it is the day 34 and we are being in the table with the possibility to get it.

"We were excited with the possibility that fifth could be the Champions League qualification, but we lost it. We have to fight with Tottenham and it is going to be very difficult. The objective we have in front of us is a big step ahead. I am very proud of the work we have done, but we are adding another objective, which is to get a Champions League position."

How do you use your experiences?

"When I was at Valencia in 2008, I spent there four years. Always, the main objective was to be in the top three. I was there for four years and I got it three years in a row, not the first year I was there, but in 2009, 2010 and 2011 we got it.

"The experience I had there is what I use in my career. It is to be consistent in every match and focusing on them. To be consistent, to be demanding even when we were losing the first match against Newcastle 5-1, even when we were losing to Nottingham Forest 2-0, even when we were losing to Newcastle 3-1, even losing to Tottenham 4-0, we then focused on the next match trying to be consistent.

"The only way of developing and to be better is through your mentality. I think the team, progressively, we were learning after those matches and adding experiences on our back. Now, I can’t speak about Crystal Palace or Brighton, only the match against Chelsea.

"If we get those points, three or one or no points, we have to continue again focusing on our next challenge in front. This is the process we have done here."

What version of Chelsea do you expect?

"Chelsea was a favourite to be in the top four at the start of the season. I can understand a little bit of Chelsea, because they have young players. Very good players. They need experiences which they are taking.

"They beat Everton 6-0 two weeks ago. That is amazing. Of course, they lost the last match to Arsenal, but I can understand. Even Chelsea played well until the second goal and they had the possibility to get something against them.

"They played against Manchester City last week of the semi-final of the FA Cup and played amazing. They were very dangerous and threatened them deserving to win. This is the Chelsea I expect tomorrow against us."

Injury news?

"Buendia, Mings, Kamara and Ramsey are out. The aren’t available tomorrow Alex Moreno and Nicolo Zaniolo. The other players, I think they are going to be available."

Can Villa compete for a title under you?

"My objective is always to develop as a coach and my players. Nassef and Wes are ambitious and realistic because we don’t have the possibility to spend a lot of money because of financial fair play, but always are trying to be intelligent and positive.

"Firstly, increasing the confidence and the level we have in the squad. The players did it and they feel comfortable with the new demands we are trying to push of them. Some of them are playing for the first time in Europe.

"We are excited next year to play in the Europa League or the Champions League. Those players deserve from us trust in them because they have increased the level we have asked of them. The club is in the same idea. I am very grateful of Nassef and Wes because they are supporting me a lot."

How hard is it to manage expectations?

"Pochettino is a very high level coach. He played a final with Tottenham against Liverpool four or five years ago. He did very good work with Tottenham - he developed lots of young players. He did a good job in Paris and in Spain.

"In Chelsea, he needs time. Chelsea have very good players, but very young players. They need experiences. They lost their last match against Arsenal, but in the last month they got good results. They lost to Man City, which can happen but they played well. I think they will play like before the match against Arsenal.

"I respect the coach and the club because they have very god players. They played here in the FA Cup one month ago and they deserved to beat us. I will respect them tomorrow 100 per cent, expecting their best performance."

Do you expect them to bounce back?

"Of course. I think Pochettino has experience and he knows how he can face us, playing with personality. They played last time against us here very well. Some of their players aren’t available, but they have a deep squad with a lot of players who can still play tomorrow and get good performances. I will prepare the match tomorrow respecting that."

How much have the fans helped your tenure at Villa so far?

"I am happy and I have a lot of work to do here. Progressively we are getting better, developing even our structure and the players, our mentality too. When I signed for three years and a half, I had a clause with another year.

'They activated it because I am happy and I agree. We are doing our process here, myself as a coach and with the players and the club, trying to get better. We are trying to get to a level with the clubs who are always contenders for the top seven in the Premier League.

"I include Newcastle in that. In the Premier League, there are other teams who have the potential, like Everton, West Ham, like Fulham, Brighton too. This is what I want to face, the best players, the best coaches. At Aston Villa I have this challenge every day, every month and every year. I have a lot of work to do here. Even after the process we have down we have to do more."

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