Everybody’s Talking About Jamie in talks to go to Broadway, according to creator Dan Gillespie Sells

Everybody's talking: Gillespie Sells is in talks to take the musical to Broadway: Dave Benett
Everybody's talking: Gillespie Sells is in talks to take the musical to Broadway: Dave Benett

The Feeling frontman Dan Gillespie Sells says talks are under way which could take his smash hit musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie to Broadway and onto the big screen.

The show, inspired by the true story of a 16-year-old boy from Sheffield who wanted to go to his school prom in a dress, has won universal acclaim and is booking at the West End’s Apollo Theatre until October.

Gillespie Sells said: “I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed about Broadway. We would love to keep on telling the story and take it around the world. Who knows — it’s just talks at this stage. A film would be great. It’s the same situation really — also just talks at this stage. I think it would make a wonderful film though.”

An album of the official cast recording has just been released, part of which was made at Gillespie Sells’s studio, which he built in a converted pub in Hackney.

He said: “We recorded a lot of it live in the theatre, and some of it was recorded in my Hackney pub. But the show was up and running so the cast had to go straight back to the theatre and perform in the evenings — there was no time to lead them astray at my bar!”

He said the soundtrack’s pop sound came because he admits he is “not the biggest fan of musical theatre”. He added: “I tried to write something that I would like to see and be excited by. I think that’s why it has more of a pop sound.”

Gillespie Sells says his foray into theatre has not affected his work with The Feeling, who are set to tour later this year, and he has many more musicals in the works. He revealed: “I have lots of ideas, all at different stages. Some are just a thought and some are almost finished. I’m just waiting to have some time to take them further.”

Despite his success, he still suffers from “imposter syndrome”, saying: “I know artists that have been in the business for 50 years and still fear someone is going to find them out.”